Why you need commercial and residential locksmith services!

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It’s important to think ahead and be prepared in life, especially when it comes to your home and business. Don’t let the first time you think about the importance of commercial and residential locksmith services be when something goes horribly wrong! Allpro Lock & Safe, your Chilliwack locksmith, has you covered.

We’ve got a handy list of  the reasons why commercial and residential locksmith services can help you out!



We can re-key all locks in your office/building:

It’s important to make sure your office building or workplace is secure. If you’ve been dealing with corporate theft, want to re-vamp your security, or have had major personnel changes recently, it may be in your best interest to rekey your locks.

We can Provide lock repair/replacement/installation:

If your business locks are old or stop functioning correctly, let Allpro Lock & Safe repair or replace those locks before they become a problem for the daily functionings of your business.

We can provide key duplication and master keys:

Sometimes you simply need a new key, and Allpro Lock & Safe will provide you with and efficient service to minimize any disruptions for your business operations.

We can do General maintenance services of door locks, desks, and cabinets: If you’ve got sticky or broken locks around the office, it’s time to get them fixed! Allpro Lock & safe will come by and service any and all locks that need to be repaired in your office.


We can change you house lock: If you’ve experiences a break in, changed roommates, or want to improve your home’s security, Allpro Lock & Safe will be able to change your home’s locks and get you secure again!

We can provide Door opening services: If you have accidentally locked yourself out of your house don’t panic! We are only a phone call away and have 24/7 emergency services to help you out whenever you need us!

We can do Key cutting/duplication:

If you need more keys, All Pro can duplicate your keys and get you the access you need!

We can rekey your locks:

For any reason you need to rekey your locks, Allpro is happy to rekey every lock in your home. We have the solutions to give you peace of mind!

Commercial and residential locksmith services can solve a myriad of household and business problems. Our advice for you is to utilize all the locksmith services you can, like repair and maintenance, before you have a real problem because of a broken or faulty lock! But if there is an emergency, Allpro Lock & Repair has the emergency services to help you out!
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