What To Do When Losing Truck Keys

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  1. Look For the Keys Again
  2. Use Your Replacement Keys Instead
  3. Contact a Reputable Locksmith for Replacement Keys
  4. Consider your Insurance Options

Look For the Keys Again

When you need to go out and drive your truck and you can’t seem to find your truck keys, it’s easy enough to feel just a little bit anxious about losing your truck keys. But before you assume that you really did lose your keys, take a deep breath, calm yourself, and think.

Check your pockets and your bags just a bit more carefully. Check every pocket and compartment in your pants and in your bag. Now check your truck as well. The keys may well be in the truck, and you can also check if the truck is locked up tight.

If it’s not there inside the truck, think back and try to retrace your steps. Go to where you’ve been earlier and check around closely. You just may have dropped it. If you’re at home, look at all your drawers and check discarded clothes.

What you really need to do, whether you really lost or keys or not, is to have proper places for your truck keys. It should always be in the same place at home, and it should always be in the same pocket in your trousers or breast pocket.

Use Your Replacement Keys Instead

If you can’t really find your truck keys, then you need to get the replacement keys. Hopefully, you’ve made a second set of keys for your truck for precisely these types of situations. If you’re at home, it’s much simpler and you can be on your way in no time.

If you’re out on the road, you have a bigger problem. You can have someone you trust bring you your keys, or otherwise you need to go back home yourself to get your spare keys.

The problem with leaving your truck out in public, while you go home to get your spare keys, is that your keys may have been stolen. That means when you return from home, your truck may no longer be there at all.

Contact a Reputable Locksmith for Replacement Keys

A reputable locksmith can do many things for you when you lose your truck keys. For example, if you find that the keys are inside the car, the locksmith can open the door for you without damaging the car, so you can just drive away afterwards. You may have to prove that you really are the driver of the vehicle by showing your driver’s license and truck registration.

If you can’t find your keys while you’re out on the road, you can call a locksmith too. This lets you stay with your truck while the locksmith makes a new set of truck keys for you. For greater security, the locksmith can even reconfigure the locks on the truck so that the missing truck keys can’t be used to open or drive your truck. This may involve reprogramming the locks, or even completely replacing the locks.

The locksmith can also make spare truck keys for you if you don’t have them yet. Then you can have a copy at home, in your workplace, or with someone whom you can trust and rely on. You’ll then have several options when you lose your truck keys again, which is a very likely possibility.

Locksmiths are generally much more affordable than contacting your dealership for similar services. Locksmiths also have the necessary expertise and experience to program the fob properly. They even have the parts you may need ready for use, while a dealership may need up to 10 days while you wait for parts to be delivered.

Consider your Insurance Options

Truck keys can be very expensive these days due to the sophisticated electronic features. You should recheck your insurance to see if your policy can cover the costs resulting from losing your keys. Check the level of the coverage and see how you much you’ll have to pay when you make a claim. It may make more sense not to make a claim if there’s a no-claims bonus.

If you’re lucky, you may also have taken an insurance policy exclusively for situations when you lose your truck keys. Other companies for these situations offer special services. For example, when you lose your truck keys out on the road they may send someone to you with replacement or spare keys. Some of these companies even let you use another vehicle if you can’t use your truck until you get your replacement keys.

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