Shut the Front Door!

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Your front door is the very first line of defence versus break-in. However is the current lock on your door enough? Here we go over the kinds of door locks offered, their appropriate applications and how they can enhance your home’s security.


Auxiliary locks.

These locks are generally set up on the inside part of your door and doorframe and utilized in conjunction with one or more of the noted previous locks. A popular example of an auxiliary lock is a chain door lock. One end of the chain is connected to the indoor side of your door and locks by sliding the opposite end of the chain into a metal bracket mounted on the wall beside the door.

Pros: Easy to set up, reasonably inexpensive, deals with a lot of kinds of doors.

Cons: Many models are quickly jeopardized, best made use of as a secondary lock.

Privacy locks

These locks are constructed for interior applications and include a button on one side that pushes in to lock the door. On the other side is a little slot that can be made use of to unlock the door. Do not install or utilize these locks on the outside of your home, including the door between the garage and your house.

Pros: Easy to install, practical, really low-cost

Cons: Very easy to “choose” or force open


A deadbolt lock is typically installed above an outside lockset. Deadbolts offer more security by integrating a long bolt that inserts deeper into your doorframe than basic exterior locks.

Pros: Convenient, adds substantial security at low financial investment, expense as little as $25.

Cons: Higher-end designs can cost over $100 and $200.

Outside locksets

A conventional exterior lockset consists of a doorknob with a keyhole on the outside and either a keyhole or a button that can be turned or pressed to lock the door from the in. These doorknobs provide slightly more security than personal privacy locks due to more strong construction and the have to use a key to unlock.

Pros: Reasonably priced, finest when paired with deadbolt

Cons: Lots of designs can be selected with simply a charge card, door can be quickly required open

Keyless Locks

Keyless or electronic locks are kinds of deadbolts and/or exterior locksets that can be operated without the use of a key. Popular designs include keypad, push-button control and fingerprint-scanning locks. These designs typically consist of a crucial override, too.

Pros: Can be incredibly practical (no secrets), can incorporate with your home security system.

Cons: Expense– lots of are a lot more costly than comparable basic deadbolts.


The very best lock is just as good as the door it is installed in and the hardware used. When choosing a lock, prevent Grade 3 locks. Grade 2 benefits the majority of houses and Grade 1 is office quality (and far more expensive). Make certain you have an excellent, outside door and utilize a sturdy strike plate installed with 3-inch screws.

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