The difference between key cutting at big box stores or from ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE is that we get it done right the first time!  There is nothing more problematic and frustrating than a lock that cannot be opened due to a faulty key.

ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE offers professional key cutting and duplication services wherever we go.  In just a few short minutes we will provide you with a new or additional set of professionally crafted keys.  Often you go into a local hardware store and have your keys cut on a simple grinding wheel that produces inaccurate and imprecise keys for most locks.  The problem with this is that these poorly made keys may cause more than an inconvenience, they can do major damage to your locks, which will cause you an even bigger problem!   There are even a few key cutting devices that are available to the public that allow you to cut keys yourself, but without the proper training or machinery, the situation can easily become worse and worse as time goes by.

Not all keys are the same.  There are different codes for different keys.  From lock brand to key brand, this information is vital in making sure that ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE recreates your keys perfectly for you to the exact details so the key fits the lock properly and does not dame the lock internally.

There are numerous reasons to have additional keys cut.  Sometimes it is out of necessity, sometimes it is out of ease.    Whether you have broken/damaged keys, need to create another set for a family member or friend who is minding your house, or misplaced your spare car key or one for the shed padlock in the back yard, there is often a need for a new set of keys.  No more sharing keys, no more jiggling of old, bent keys in the lock, ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE offers competitive prices for key cutting at your convenience with our 24 hours, 7 days a week mobile service.  Our experienced staff of trusted professionals can handle any key duplication you may need.


For bookings or emergency services please call ALLPRO LOCK & SAFE:

ABBOTSFORD – (604) 855-8890

CHILLIWACK – (604) 858-0003

LANGLEY – (604) 533-1003