Major Key Alert

At AllPro Lock and Safe, we firmly believe that “experience is the key”. It’s our motto, and you can find it not only on our website, but right on the side of our trucks, which you may have seen driving around Abbotsford and the rest of the Lower Mainland.

We’re the best key cutters in Abbotsford because we get it done right the first time because nothing is worse than going to a big box store to get a key cut, only to get home later to find that it doesn’t work properly.

When a key doesn’t fit it’s annoying, wastes time, and actually puts your lock at risk for major damage.

AllPro Lock and Safe saves you all of that hassle because we offer professional key cutting and duplication services wherever we go.

We also have specialized car and truck key cutters that enable us to make professionally cut keys that will perfectly fit your door or ignition. We can cut keys for all makes and models, and that also includes campers, RV’s , and motorcycles.

No matter your reason to get a key cut, sometimes you just need another one, and we’re happy to help. In the case of an emergency, we also offer a 24/7 mobile service.
If you’re in need of some new keys, contact us today!