How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

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Would you understand what to do if your apartment or condo key broke off in the lock? At Allpro Lock & Safe, we’ve put together a couple of options to help you out of this frustrating situation before you need to resort to calling for help.

  • Pliers: You may be able to remove the broken-off key blade from the lock with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Spray permeating oil into the keyhole for lubrication, then place the pliers and turn the lock back into the vertical position. Grip the key with the pliers and pull it out.
  • Screwdriver: Select a thin flathead screwdriver and insert it into the keyhole. With the key bit in place, you may be able to turn the screwdriver as if it was the head of the key. While this method can be made use of to lock and unlock the door til you discover a more permanent solution, you will need to find a permanent solution to removing the key eventually. That’s where Allpro Lock & Safe comes in!
  • Saw: Select a small scroll saw blade or jig saw blade and insert it teeth down into the keyhole. You must feel the teeth of the saw grab the cuts in the key. By pulling carefully, the key blade ought to come out at the same time as the saw.

If none of these three options work, simply contact Allpro Lock & Safe and we can help you with our locksmith and emergency services. Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you out of your broken-key situation! We look forward to hearing from you.