Christmas Chaos Brings Lost Keys

It’s snowing! While we all want a white Christmas, sometimes it can be a bit much. These snow storms have shut down a lot of businesses and made long commutes even longer and more treacherous. While you try to drop off the kids and get to work, your mind is going a million directions at once. Throw in last minute Christmas shopping and December is poised to be a chaotic month. If your spouse or kids get stranded in the ssnow, it’s up to you to get it together and come to the rescue. But what if you can’t find your car keys? It always happens. When you need them the most, you have no idea where they are. Maybe you left them at work. Maybe you dropped them while shoveling the driveway. Or maybe your kids were playing with them when you weren’t looking. Whatever the reason, All Pro Lock and Safe is here to help. We specialize in lost car keys and have been serving Chilliwack and Greater Vancouver for over 30 years.

Don’t let the snow storms and chaotic parking lots make this a dreary holiday season. There are always people calling us because they’ve lost their car keys amidst the chaos and can’t get around Chilliwack. Losing your car keys is definitely an emergency if you only have one car and dozens of places to get to. All Pro Lock and Safe offers 24/7 emergency service.

This month enjoy the festive season no matter what it brings. So if you’re visiting family in Chilliwack or if you’re driving to Vancouver, don’t worry if you’ve lost your car keys. Contact All Pro Lock and Safe for 24/7 emergency assistance.