7 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Spare Car Key

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  1. Enables you to save money
  2. Gives you peace of mind
  3. Prevents any confusion if there are several drivers
  4. Convenience
  5. Open your car if you get locked out
  6. Keep driver settings (ideal for multiple drivers)
  7. Added security for your car


Enables you to save money


As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is best to have a spare key before you lose your one and only key. And this is one of the main reasons why you need to have a spare car key. When you lose your keys you will surely end up paying an auto locksmith because he needs to do a lot of work to gain entry to your car, get it started, reprogram the locks if needed, etc. These services can easily add up to the cost. By having a locksmith make you a spare key it, you are sparing yourself from a potentially huge expense. With your key still in your possession the locksmith only needs to clone your keys. This would require less work thus making it a cheaper expense.


Gives you peace of mind


Life can be very stressful sometimes and just when you are in a hurry to get to work, you find yourself rummaging through your house because you can’t find your car keys. With a spare key, you don’t have to waste time looking for your other key especially now that you’re running late for work. Besides, with a spare key you don’t have to worry unnecessarily because you know that should you lose your original key, you have a backup.


Prevents any confusion if there are several drivers


Murphy’s Law says that what can happen, will happen. If you share a single key with another driver then you are courting “disaster”. If you can easily misplace your key on your own, the possibility of that happening doubles when two drivers share the same key. By having a spare key you also reduce twice the possibility of not gaining entry to your car because when you lose yours, the other driver still has his/hers.




If you lose your keys you will be spared a lot of trouble if you have an extra key. Sure you might need to get your spare keys in your home or have someone bring it to you but at least you do not have to get your car towed until you can drive it home. You also do not have to wait around for the locksmith to come and rescue you. This convenience is often taken for granted until you actually lose your key. So spare yourself the trouble and have that spare key made.


Access your car if you get locked out


There are many instances especially in winter, when you end up leaving your car keys at the ignition to defrost your windshield and then realizing you locked yourself out of your car. In bad weather this is a situation you do not want to be in. But it happens all the time. In fact thousands of drivers have this problem every year.


Keep driver settings (ideal for multiple drivers)


Some cars have keys are equipped with computer chips and a transponder that allows drivers to save his or her driving preferences, like mirror position, seat height, audio settings, temperature, and many more. If the car has two users, the other key can save the preferred settings of the other driver so that every time you use the car you can restore your preferences even before you get inside the car thanks to the transponder technology many new car keys are equipped with today.


Added security for your car


If your car keys get stolen then your car’s security is compromised. The car thief will probably get to your car first before the locksmith comes. Do not risk it. By having a spare key you can easily drive your car to the locksmith or your dealer and have them make you a new set of keys or reprogram the car so that the stolen keys cannot be used again. This added security for your car should help you sleep better at night. It is amazing how a spare key can change a lot of the many possible scenarios when you do lose your keys. So go to your nearest auto locksmith and have a spare key made for you.


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