5 Signs That Your Locks Need To Be Replaced

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1. You lost your house keys or they were stolen

2. Your home was broken into

3. The lock has started to become old and rusty

4. You have moved into a new home

5. You have new roommates or tenants

You have lost your house keys or they were stolen

Losing a key is more common than people think. So don’t worry if it has happened to you at some point in your life. Since you’ll have no way to tell whose hands your keys will end up with, it’s always a wise move to get your locks replaced as soon as possible, even if you have a duplicate set entrusted with a friend or family member.

More importantly, if the keys you’ve lost are those for the exterior entrances such as your gate or front door, the more quickly you should have all your locks changed right away.

Your home was broken into

During unfortunate but likely incidents such as these, chances are criminals may have had picked and damaged your locks to break in to your home. During incidents of crime and forced entry, most likely the robber has tampered with your locks in the process of trying to enter. The possible damage on your locks can become a potential problem when your locks start to malfunction. Any lock-picking that may have taken place may have permanently damaged your lock, increasing the chances that it will malfunction in the near future.

If the lock seems like it was not damaged or tampered with, it’s still best to change all your locks after a crime such as this, especially if your keys had been stolen from you as well to increase your safety. You might also want to install additional locks on all your main entrances, and a security/anti-theft system, too. In this day and age, it won’t hurt to increase the safety precautions in your home.

The lock has started to become old and rusty

Rusty locks often happen over time, and wear and tear is but inevitable. You’ll know it’s time to replace your locks when they have started to show some rusting. Also, if your door has become more difficult to open (i.e. when keys start becoming more and more difficult to insert and turn, or when the knob starts to disengage itself from its original installment because of overuse and rust accumulation), it’s time to change them.

Replacing your locks at the early onset of rusting, before they’ve completely worn down, is a proactive way to prevent any instances of getting locked outside of your house, or your lock becoming easier to pick or destroy, should there be instances of a break-in.

Also, it’s recommended that you opt for high-quality, durable locks with a rust-proof finish or coating. This will protect your lock from delay and onset of early wear and tear. It is also best to always opt for a reputable brand of lock, and have it installed by a professional, so you are sure that the lock has been installed correctly and properly.

You have moved into a new home

If you are renting and you move into a new apartment or house, it’s highly recommended that you change all your locks to increase the level of your home’s safety. If your new home has had previous owners, you’ll have no way of telling if the previous inhabitants of your space have had duplicate keys of your current space, and to whose hands they are in now. To avoid any instances of break-ins (and for you to have a better peace of mind), change all your locks when you move into your new space, even for the locks for the rooms inside your home.

You have new roommates or tenants

In arrangements where you share your space, you must take extra precautions, especially if you change roommates or when people you don’t fully trust who also used to share your space with, move out. Replacing your locks might mean a great deal of extra work, time, effort, and expenses, but it must be done if you’d like to acquire a better sense of security in your home. This precaution will also prevent any instances of conflict shall break-ins ever occur, as you won’t be finding yourself in the position of pointing blame on the wrong culprit, in this case, previous tenants.

Your former roommate may have also made duplicates, or even have had duplicates given to other people. It does help to always ask for the complete set of keys once a roommate or tenant moves out, and ask if he or she has made any duplicates. If so, make sure to obtain all the sets of keys.

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