5 Services That a Locksmith Should Provide

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  1. Fix Locks That Won’t Open or Lock

  2. Rekey Locks

  3. Replace or Install New Locks

  4. Open or Repair Safes

  5. Work with Numerous Types of Cars

Fix Locks That Won’t Open or Lock

This is the most basic service that a locksmith offers. In fact, no one should call themselves a locksmith if they can’t get a lock to open when needed. After all, this is the problem that usually happens when you call a locksmith in the first place. You can’t get into your home or your car because you either can’t find your keys or it just won’t open for some reason.

Sometimes the problem is that the lock won’t lock, and that needs to be fixed immediately as well. It’s not safe to leave your home or car unattended when you can’t lock the doors securely. It may not even be all that safe even if you’re there at home or by your car.

Make New Keys and Rekey Locks

If you’ve lost your keys, a locksmith can make new ones for you so you can open your lock. But there’s now a security risk, because the lost keys may now be in the hands of someone whom you don’t want to let in to your home or car.

So what you can do is find a locksmith that can rekey the lock for you. Rekeying is the process wherein the lock configuration is changed so that your new keys work while the old ones don’t. This saves you the trouble of buying and installing a brand new lock.

Making new keys and rekeying the locks to your home and car is also crucial when you’ve broken up with someone who has a key to your home and your car. That person may then just come in and take whatever they want inside, or even vandalize your property out of revenge. By rekeying the locks, their old keys are useless while you can go in and out with your new keys.

Replace or Install New Locks

Sometimes a lock just won’t work anymore, so it has to be replaced. It may also be possible that you just want to upgrade your old locks with something newer and with more impressive features.

You can consult with a locksmith who can then install the new locks for you. Actually, you may as well take advantage of their expertise and ask for recommendations regarding which locks are the best for your purposes and for your budget. The locksmith may be able to offer you several options which provide the best security and reliability for your belongings and for your safety.

Open or Repair Safes

By its very name, the function of a safe is obvious. It provides a secure location for your most prized possessions. While many use it to store jewelry and cash, others may also find it a handy place for important documents such as wills, passports, and birth certificates. It’s also a handy place for your most prized possessions that may not be necessarily valuable to anybody else, such as old pictures and love letters.

But a problem may come when what’s contained inside a safe are safe even from you because you can’t open it. If that’s the case, your locksmith should be able to open the safe for you. Safes aren’t completely impossible to open; even the best ones can only delay a thief from opening it.

Much like a skilled thief, a successful Vancouver locksmith service should be able to open it, as well. It may take special equipment, including a jackhammer or a blowtorch, but if you need a safe  opened then a locksmith should succeed.

Work with Numerous Types of Cars

Working with cars is another basic locksmith service, but not all locksmiths can work with all car models nowadays. Some of the older locksmiths can’t keep up with the technological advances in car locks and car keys. A locksmith should be able to handle wireless systems that are now standard for many luxury models. Some may have even more advanced features as well. u the necessary skills to deal with older car models. This is especially true for classic cars and vintage models. These cars need a more delicate touch and a skilled locksmith should be able to open them without reducing the value of the cars.

So for a locksmith, familiarity with all automotive locks, old and new, is a must. Being able to handle any car lock is a service that a locksmith should be able to promise. Contact us today for further information!

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