What You Need To Know About Safe Opening Services

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1. Safe opening services are provided by safecrackers and master locksmiths

2. Safe opening services should operate 24 hours a day

3. Safe opening services costs vary from one safe to another

4. Safe opening services will provide their services on site

5. Safe opening services must use the least invasive opening techniques first

Safecrackers and master locksmiths provide safe opening services

You must only entrust opening your safe to professional safecrackers and master locksmiths, because they are trained with the least invasive techniques on safe opening that lessens the chances of your safe being drilled beyond repair.

Aside from having the proper skills and knowing the best techniques, these professionals are also equipped with the proper, up-to-date tools on safe opening. Serious, professional locksmiths and safecrackers have devoted their time and energy into this specialist training required to open safes, and they have also invested a lot on acquiring the special tools required for the job.

It’s best to only hire professionals if you would like to have your safe opened. A lot of locksmiths claim to be able to provide safe-opening services for a fraction of the cost, but this might mean that he or she will end up prying your safe o pen using brute force like drilling through it, which will only create irreparable damage, rendering your safe useless and unusable for the future.

Safe opening services should operate 24 hours a day

Safe engineers and master locksmiths do realize that sometimes, opening a safe can be a matter of emergency, because of the nature of safes storing highly valuable possessions. Thus, a lot of establishments offer safe-cracking around the clock. If you are looking for a go-to lock company, be sure to choose on with flexible yet consistent hours that won’t leave you stranded if you have a late night or early morning emergency.

Safe opening services costs vary from one safe to another

Since there are numerous safes out there with varying levels of safety and “crackability”, it is expected that costs for these services will vary from one safe to another.

Most professional safe services will operate on a quote basis, where you first have to provide them details about the kind of safe you own. You may even be asked to show a photograph of the front door of the safe so they can easily determine what the problem is, and what techniques and tools they will utilize. From here, they can give you a more accurate price. However, some safe opening services do offer a flat-rate price for all safes, but be wary of these services, as there’s a chance that businesses offering cheap services may be unreliable.

**Take note that you are not required to disclose the contents of your safe to the professional who’s opening it, as it is not their business to know what the contents of your safe are prior to agreeing to opening it. This is also another safety precaution that one must not overlook when looking for a safe-opening service.

Safe opening services will provide their services on site

Professional safe opening services will only operate on your safe on your location. This is done for safety purposes, ensuring that no theft will occur. The only instance where safes are cracked outside of its location is during fires. If you are planning to have your safe opened, one of the determining factors if your master locksmith or safe engineer will go to your location. Most of the time, they will also require you to be present during the entire procedure for safety purposes.

Safe opening services must use the least invasive opening techniques first

The goal for any professional safe engineer or professional locksmith is not to damage the safe when opening it. Unfortunately, the are a lot of locksmiths who are not trained, skilled, and equipped enough for the job who will resort to prying your safe open by drilling and other brute force. This works for them because they can also sell you a new safe on the spot since they’ve already ruined your previous one, making sure it can no longer be used.

A professional will be knowledgeable with the additional security features such as deadlocks that most safes have. Thus, overcoming such obstacles must be part of a professional’s expertise.

Scoping a safe is one of the most sought-after techniques that safe engineers and professional locksmiths will utilize first. This requires drilling a small hole onto the safe for him or her to work with. It’s an ideal technique to go about opening a locked safe because of the minimal damage, which is a small hole that can easily be repaired so you’ll be able to use your safe again.

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